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Je T’Aime Mon Portland

November 6, 2008 2 comments

iloveportlandIn April of 1993, my wife and I packed up all our belongings, loaded them on to a moving truck and gave the movers our cel phone number in the hopes that we would find a place to live in Portland before they arrived with out stuff.

We knew none, had no jobs or family. Portland became our destination out of sheer luck, happenstance and a gut feeling that this might be THE place to call home. Fifteen years later I can imagine no other place I would like to live. Portland is more home now than anywhere I’ve ever been. I love this town. I love the way you can get from one end of the city to another in a very short time. I love the many destinct neighborhoods and the variety the city has to offer. I love the culture and the way in which people work to live and not live to work. I  love the seasons and the way the weather impacts and interacts with the people who live here. I love all the food and culture options, the ability to eat at a new Thai restaurant every day of the week and still have dozens left to try.

I never thought I’d be so stricken with a city, but Portland has captured my heart. I love Portland. So that love is the reason I’m doing this site. A Portland focused publication has always been a dream for me, and now I’ve decided to make it a reality.

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Vote With Your Dollars

October 29, 2008 Comments off

voteWith the presidential election looming most people are myopically focused on voting for president, but the second most important vote you can make right now is with your dollars. Times are tough and not all businesses are going to survive this recession. Already this month three notable eateries have announced that they are shuttering their doors (Rocket, Mercado and Banh Cuon Tan Dinh)  and more are soon to follow.

The dollar may be down on the world market, but it’s never been stronger here at home. With each dollar you spend you are making a vote, you’re voting for the business that you give your money to and perhaps voting against the places you aren’t. During tough economic times people often default to the lowest cost option out there. Companies like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart thrive because people think they get more for less there – something in tough times sounds appealing. If this current economic mess has taught us anything it’s there’s absolutely no such thing as a free lunch and today’s low low deal might have some unintended consequences tomorrow.

So I encourage you to think about the long haul. Want a beer? Skip Rock Bottom Brewery and pick your beer up at Belmont Station. Want a movie? Rather than Netflixing it ensure the future of independent cinema and local art houses and catch a movie at the Hollywood Theater or Cinema 21.  Want some food? Support local farmers at your local farmer’s market or visit the People’s Food Coop Farmer’s Market.  Chose Voodoo Doughnuts over Krispie Kreme,  Laughing Planet or Los Gorditos over Taco Bell, Pad Thai Kitchen over TGIFridays…. and yes Stumptown, Cellar Door and Z Beans over Starbucks.

There’s never been a time in your life where what you spend and where you spend has mattered more. So pick the places you love and give them your business, odds are they’ll be around to thank you when this whole economic mess is all over.

What local business are you rooting for to survive? Post your favorite in the comments!

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