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Portland Opera’s Rigolleto – The Twitter Feed

Here’s an archive of the live twitter feed from the Portland Opera’s Live Bog event:

Portland Opera's Rigoletto - Live Twitter Feed
Portland Opera's Rigoletto - Live Twitter Feed
  • Final thoughts from my Portland Opera production of Rigoletto… Live Blogged #
  • The finale at Portland Operas Rigoletto #
  • Live blog up now updated with Act II of Rigoletto at Portland Operal #
  • First act down and the opera is pretty good. Very dimly lit. Not a choice I’m really a fan of. #
  • Very long pause after the first scene as they muscle the stage change. So far I am half reading the English. Portland Opera Rigolleto. #
  • My seat at the Portland Opera Rigoletto #
  • Almost time for the Opera! Rigoletto!!! #
  • great comment about this opera frokm @pxcaballero “It’s like the Law and Order of Operas” #
  • Every tried to blog with 50 or so people coming up to you and asking you what are you are doing. It’s Blogger Night at the Portland Opera #
  • Amusingly the opera’s network is called H1N1 and it’s just as slow spreading… #
  • After a nice tour of the set (which has been making the rounds for 20 years) we are on display in the lobby of the Portland Opera #
  • More back stage photos at the Portland Opera #
  • Bloggers back stage at the Portland Opera #
  • Backstage at the Portland Opera #
  • At the opera with some of the other bloggers including @culturepulp #
  • Getting an early start. Figured it was such a nice day I would take max and walk to the Portland Opera tonight. #
  • RT: @TheSquare Joe Smith heading to Portland Opera tonight for Rigoletto. It’s blogger night $10 rush tix! – @Onportland will be there too #
  • Getting psyched for the Portland Opera on Friday. Just checked out Richard Troxell’s site (The Duke of Mantua) #
  • We will be live blogging tonight’s performance of Portland Opera’s Rigoletto. #

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