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Slaying The Green Dragon

The Green Dragon Portland
The Green Dragon Portland

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about restaurants closing due to a dramatic drop in business (including the sad news that one of my favorite Portland restaurants Kalga Kafe closed).

This week we received news of an entirely different sort:

The Green Dragon, an extremely popular watering hole for Portland’s tech set, and the standing location for the ever growing Beer & Blog has been set to be sold to Rogue on Friday November 14th.

Initial response has been overwhelming negative to word of the buy out with some pretty harsh comments posted over the news the popular brewpub may be transformed into a Rogue Taproom.

The Green Dragon has made its name for the ever changing wide variety of brews on tap, regular ‘meet the brewer’ events and as the destination of choice for many Portland tech events.

To commemorate the slaying of the Green Dragon Beer & Blog will be holding a final sendoff for the beloved brewpub on Friday (reportedly the last day for the dragon).

The sale of The Green Dragon in such a challenging economic environment lends great weight to the view that the area surround The Green Dragon, Grand Central Bowl and Holocene is destined to be Portland’s next big hot spot

The Green Dragon will be missed. We hope other beer bars like The Horse Brass, Belmont Station, Bye and Bye will step up to fill the gap created by the sale of the Green Dragon.

Ed note: Read the good follow up piece in Draft Magazine about the Rogue purchase of the Green Dragon

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“We hope other brewpubs like The Horse Brass, Belmont Station, Bye and Bye will step up to fill the gap created by the sale of the Green Dragon.”

Just a word on your nomenclature – none of these establishments produce their own beer, and therefore are not “brewpubs” but, in fact, “beer bars”.

Always easy to blame the economy on a restaurants closing. The fact is that many restaurants thrive in a down economy if they have the right business plan. I’m not saying that GD didn’t I’m just saying it’s not right to make Rogue the bad guy in this. They brew fine diversified beers, give back to the community here in PDX, on the coast and in Eugene etc. They also do a very good job featuring other great breweries beers and often dedicate the majority of there taps to great craft American beers they admire as well. So let’s see what the Rogue intends to do with the GD before we start calling this a negative thing. After all if Rogue keeps the GD open that will save jobs and keep the beer economy thriving here in PDX. Right???

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