DJ Icky Animal’s Debut Set – Friday at The Fez

DJ Icky Animal's Debut Set
DJ Icky Animal's Debut Set

There are a lot of DJ’s who spin a lot of music in Portland but the debut of  DJ Icky Animal’s (aka Jamie S. Rich) at the Fez Ballroom (lower level) this Friday  is an event which you should absolutely not miss.

Jamie S. Rich, a former editor over at Oni Press, is an extremely prolific author who has penned the critically acclaimed novels Cut My Hair, The Everlasting and Have You Seen The Horizon Lately (which is a true masterpiece) . He’s also well known for his graphic novel collaborations with comic wonder-kid Joelle Jones including You Have Killed Me and 12 Reasons Why I Love Her.  One theme which runs through almost all of Jamie’s work is music, REALLY good music.

Jamie, more than anyone I’ve met in Portland, knows his music.

Since Jamie’s main job is writing, this is an extremely rare and special opportunity to catch someone with an extraordinary encyclopedic  knowledge of music spin a wide selection of tracks from his extensive collection.

Jamie (DJ Icky Animal’s) starts spinning on the lower level of the Fez Ballroom (316 SW 11th) at  11pm on Friday October 2nd.  I guarantee if you go you’ll hear some amazing stuff.

For more info on Jamie S. Rich:

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