Twitter Updates: 401 Cafe, Todbott’s Triangles and Los Gordotos 2

401 Cafe
401 Cafe on NE 28th & Flanders
  • Gorgeous day going to walk to @traderjoes (get some wine for afternoon deck sitting) then take long walk via park to lunch at Paradox Cafe! #
  • Wine tip from the wine guy @traderjoes. Their Three Knights private label comes from high end wineries. Huge bargains because of recession #
  • Trying lunch at 401 on NE 28th based on the recommendation of @pearlgirl. The place has a fantastic vibe! #
  • Lunch at 401 Cafe was really good. I had their Vegan platter. Also our table had BLT, Grilled ‘fancy’ cheese and Green Garlic soup all good #
  • Ugh. Trying to get Blazer Playoff Tickets but Comcast Tickets can’t handle the traffic and isn’t loading. #uprise #
  • OK. Comcast Tickets officially sucks. Total FAIL on any attempt to get Blazer Game 5 Tix. #uprise #fail #
  • Yummy food at Peoples Farmers Market. Really enjoyed a Todbott’s Triangle and Tropical Green from Sip. #
  • Trying out the Los Gordotos 2 cart at SE 8th and Ankeny. This one is all Vegan. #
  • Los Gordotos 2 Fajita Burroto was fantastc. Very filling and extremely tastey. Here’s a pic of their menu: #
  • RT: @PDXPipeline Tonight: Watch Portland Trail Blazers in Pioneer Square #
  • OH: Maybe Greg Oden will have a Benjamin Buttons career where he gets younger and healthier every year. #
  • Blazers showed something tonight. They may not have won, but they will win again. Only a fool would count them out #uprise #
  • Great dinner at Bai Yok Thai on NE 82nd just south of Glisan. The house special curry is worth the trip. #

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